DL1KTP als "29E51 Fahrrad mobil 1975/76" in Wilhelmshaven

Radioing on the Bicycle in 1975         back to the german version!

Once upon a time in Wilhelmshaven in the year 1975, a young CB-operator had the desire to be on the road and to radio when driving. Since he had no driving licence because he was too young to take the exam for it, the only thing he could do was the following:

A bicycle had to be enough. On the baggage carrier of this trusty bicycle made in Holland (without gearbox) a piece of aluminium was mounted which supported the base of the DV-27. The mobile transceiver "Sommerkamp TS727G"  (6 channels, AM, 0.5 W)  was attached to the handlebars.  

The first version of the power supply was an very old car battery 12 V / 66 Ah. However, this was a problem when riding because the center of gravity was very high. The battery stood on the carrier! The next thing was a battery 12 V / 20 Ah that I got from an OM (Otto, "Toni 01", Chief of the Volunteer Firebrigade Bant) . This one fit into the pannier. It enabled me to make tours with longer distances, i. e. to the camp site in Dangast or to the "Wochenende an der Jade" (Jade Weekend) on the naval base in 1976.  

It was a great pleasure for me to ride through Wilhelmshaven by bicycle with a DV 27 l (2.75 meters long).

(Translation by DL4KT, Otmar)